Gather Rates Adjusted

Due to the issues involved around high gather rates on ARK servers, I’ve had to reduce the 10x gather rate significantly. This is the result of the server process stalling out when large dinos smack lots of things all at once and bringing the server to a halt while it figures out just how much “stuff” should be farmed.

As a result, I’ve reduced the gather rates to 1/2 of what they were, or 5x, for now. If server processes continue to stall, even with this change, I will need to make further adjustments. Also, gathering 20k berries in one swipe from a perfect 180 tame bronto was a bit… excessive. As was 5k to 10k stone from a single swipe of a Doedi’s tail. 🙂

Further tweaks and adjustments will be made as time progresses. Check back here for updates!

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