ARK Servers Wiped!

It’s with sadness that I must announce that I have had to go ahead and wipe the servers (all of them) completely clean due to a couple of mods we had previously that simply ruined a ton of the fun of ARK.

The specific mod is the Upgrade Station. While I did quite a lot to mitigate the disruptive influence of this mod, sadly it simply wasn’t enough. I still allowed blueprints to be created. This allowed one to create absolute perfect quality blueprints with relative ease if you knew how to do it.

Sadly, simply removing this mod is not enough. The blueprints generated with it were valid base blueprints that stuck around after the mod was removed… as did the items created with those blueprints.

When you have base stats at level 1 and can harvest more stone, metal, flint, whatever with “Primitive” tools doing 755.3% damage… It kindof makes the whole reason for taming and breeding kindof moot. It also makes you utterly fearless and unstoppable.

Just for testing, I decided to spawn in a level 5000 Giga with fully upgraded tek armor, sword and gun (yes, we had the upgradable tek weapons mod, too) and was able to kill it with zero difficulty in seconds. That’s simply too much.

So, to those of you who have been playing on the servers, please accept my sincerest apologies, but I saw no other way to eliminate the problem without wiping the servers. Asking folks to voluntarily give up ultimate power… Well, that never goes well. And I didn’t want to give a heads-up in case someone found a way around the wipe (like, say, uploading! Yes, that data was wiped, too.)

Those of you who have been playing regularly, PLEASE! Contact me either in-game, on Discord or on Steam and I will get you back on your feet again with some perfect 180 tames. Those of you who have been kind and friendly and active, I’ll even be happy to give you a max level creature of ANY kind (yes, even that Giga you never could find. 😉 ) as well as a ton of resources to get you back up and running.

I didn’t take this step lightly. I weighed it carefully and discussed it with others. Ultimately though, the decision was made to wipe clean all the issues and just start fresh.

To help alleviate the pain of this action, I’ve adjusted several of the rates to allow for quicker rebuilding.

For the next 30 days, the rates are as follows:

  • XP Multiplier: 100x (yes, 100x!)
  • Taming Speed: 6x
  • Harvest Amount: 6x

After this time period, we will reduce back to normal rates:

  • XP Multipler: 5x
  • Taming Speed: 2x
  • Harvest Amount: 2x

Our “Weekend Event” multipliers will become:

  • XP Multiplier: 10x
  • Taming Speed: 4x
  • Harvest Amount: 4x

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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