Hackers Gonna Hack! And get smacked.

I find it rather amusing that so many script kiddies want to hack a lowly WordPress site like this site. What’s even more amusing is the harder I make it to hack into, the more attempts I’m seeing.

To the script kids out there, let me give you a little hint. The registration page is a trap, it’s designed to ensnare you into trying to create an account just to turn around and give you a 2 month IP ban from further attempts at… Well, anything.

The login page is also a trap. It’s designed to lure you into trying to hack in as well but also results in a 2 month IP ban. Even if you COULD guess my password (I don’t know what ANY of my passwords are, that should give you a clue)… Even if you could guess it, you have to get through two more factor checks.

Unless you’re one of the Elite, you’re not going to get into my site. I make it difficult simply because it’s amusing to watch you try in real time and see what attacks you’re trying to use. To date, I’ve had hundreds of thousands of attempts (all over VPN, of course) and do you know how many even made it past my authentication to GET TO the secondary and tertiary security gates?

None. Not one has even reached the second gate.

I’m still trying to figure out why so many attempts using the User Name of “NoneNone”, but it makes no difference. The gates are closed. If you don’t have the key, well…. You’re going to get swatted away like a fly.

If this is the best you script kids can do, then I feel sorry for you. Your attempts thus far are pretty pathetic and it’s sad to sit here and watch you try.

So, let me make things a little easier for you if you’re really that determined to hack a site that has literally nothing of value contained within it: My password is longer than 20 characters and is random machine generated alpha-numeric-symbol string. Good luck wasting your time! 🙂

Oh, the SERVER that runs this site also contains nothing of value. This is a “dedicated to nothing” server. It hosts a few game servers, web server, mail, etc… But there’s still nothing of actual value. No sensitive data, no secret darkweb stuff. It’s just a simple, basic server performing basic tasks that I can wipe out and rebuild in my spare time if one of you do manage to get in and cause some damage.

It’s not a server I care about. So… Go ahead. Knock yourselves out… Just know that I’m always watching and waiting. I like to see what you’re doing so that I can make adjustments to my security and my own knowledge.

I’m writing this because so far, you script kiddies have simply disappointed me and I wanted to let you know that I am, in fact, watching you.


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