About Me

Greetings! I go by PyroxFox on my stream. You can call me PyroxFox, Pyrox, Pyro or simply Fox if you choose.

While I am relatively new to streaming I am not new to gaming. I began working with computers when I was very young with my first “Computer” being a Commodore VIC-20. Yes, I’m showing my age here, but this marvelous little piece of tech history had a whopping 20KB of memory. Less memory than you’d find on many modern calculators!

From there, my next computer was a “real” PC. A little IBM Clone by Corona Systems (later renamed to Cordata for obvious reasons!) and was based on the venerable 8088 microprocessor. It was at this time that I became interested in Bulletin Board Systems. These were what existed before this new-fangled “Internet” thing came along and replaced them all. 😉

The PC I had at the time had a monochrome green-screen monitor, dual 360k 5.25″ floppy drives and a 2400 Baud modem. This machine became the foundation for my career in Information Technology before it was really called that. I ran a number of BBS’s throughout the years when they were a thing with my most successful being called “The Edge of Reality” which ultimately ran on SynchroNET. Ah, simpler times back then!

I dinged around with computers constantly from the time I got that first little 8088 Clone, learned how to work on PC’s, repair them, upgrade them and make them do what I wanted of them through programming. Originally starting, like many, on BASIC. I quickly moved to QuickBASIC and then on to C and C++. This was pre-Windows days, keep in mind! I wrote software for my own BBS as well as others. My first truly “successful” piece of software was a multi-node chat program modeled after MajorBBS’s chat system. I called it “HyperChat”.

How do you know that a piece of software you wrote is “successful”? When someone makes the effort to crack your registration system to pirate it! That’s how! It didn’t take very long before this happened. Back then, it was a point of pride. To be noticed, to be recognized. For “The Little Guys” that were trying to get their software out, especially when you were considered to be “too young”… To have your software cracked and pirated was a HUGE deal. It meant your software was worth having! There’s still a ghostly copy of this software floating around on The BBS Archive if any of you out there are interested in seeing it.

And then Windows and AOL and the Internet came along and put BBS’s out of commission, sadly. It was at this point that I basically gave the source code away to the very last person that registered the software with me. These early days may be gone but for folks like me, they’re certainly not forgotten!

Moving on from those early days… Over the years, I learned how to build PC’s, repair them, upgrade them, etc. I ended up working for a great friend at the time who ran his own computer business. He helped me establish myself in the IT sector and served as a springboard for my later adventures.

I won’t bore you with the details of my career path since it’s so similar to pretty much anyone out there in the industry, but I will jump to my most recent experience in the industry. I eventually splintered off from the main IT crowd into Telecommunications. Specifically, packet based communications, or Voice over IP (VoIP).

While I did work quite a lot with T1’s and multi-channel circuits, I was more interested in programming these phone systems to make them do what I wanted them to. More specifically, to make them do what others believed was impossible with the technology at the time. It always made me smile when I pulled off something particularly interesting, even if it had no practical value, simply because I could!

As happens to many of us over the years taking bumps and lumps and knocks and falls and such… My ability to do the demanding physical side of running cables, crawling through ceilings and raised floors and squeezing into tight spaces behind server racks has diminished considerably.

I blew out my right knee and injured my right hip falling through a ceiling fairly early in my career and damaged my right ankle in a fall as well which weakened it and made it susceptible to further injuries more easily which, of course, happened a number of times.

I was also born with neck and back problems as a result of the small-town doctor being drunk off his arse when I was delivered. He twisted my head around beyond 180 degrees and slit my throat from ear to ear. While the slice on my throat healed up, my neck continues to give me trouble and resulted in severe week-long migraines in my early life. Migraines are a constant companion today as well, though thankfully less frequent.

Currently, I’m living with my elderly and disabled mother whom needs daily assistance in everyday tasks and chores. I care for her as much as I can, helping with laundry, dishes, yard work, home repairs, etc. But I can only do so much, and I can’t get on the roof anymore or crawl around in the attic spaces, or in the crawlspace under the house, etc…

The town I’m in has ZERO IT industry to speak of. It’s barely a point on the map. All the work here is manual labor, which I am ill-suited to perform given my various injuries. I AM applying for disability, but Minnesota makes that difficult.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find other things I can do on the Internet to earn a living. I’ve tried a number of things, but streaming is the latest. I have been working quite hard to build the channel and website and such, but original artwork takes time. So does learning everything that goes into creating and producing content!

I’m finding it quite enjoyable! It’s a fun new challenge that I never expected to be doing. I’m NOT fond of large crowds or performing in front of even a single person. I’m very shy and reserved in real life, which makes the whole streaming thing a bit of a daunting task as I have to get over the shyness.

It helps that I can’t see the audience, that it’s just a number on the screen. It’s an interesting quirk of perception I suppose. But! I’ve always been a gamer and I LOVE space sim type games. I also like playing with others just as much as I do playing solo.

And that brings us to NOW! I know this was rather long and probably rather boring. If you made it this far all the way to the end then CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

I hope you visit my stream and if you do? Then I hope you enjoy it!