ARK: Survival Evolved Servers

The servers I run do NOT have Offline Raid Protection (ORP) enabled! However, they are intended to be a relaxed, friendly and fun place to play and experiment. Drama is not tolerated. Aggression is not tolerated. If you want these things, go to public official servers (F that) or start your own server(s)!

ALL are welcome, as long as you follow the rules! Be friendly. Be helpful to new players! Rules can be found after the server list below.

You can find the list of mods you will need in order to play on our servers here:


These servers are clustered! Transfers are allowed!

Server Alpha

Server Gamma

Cluster Rules

The overall rules are pretty simple with one guiding principle: Don’t be a dick.

That said, drama won’t be tolerated. Indiscriminate destruction/killing won’t be tolerated. Griefing won’t be tolerated.

This cluster is NOT run like “Official” servers where the rules can be scoffed at and basic decency ignored. If you act like an asshole, you’ll simply be removed.

Breeding Facilities – DO NOT TOUCH.

Breeding facilities take a LOT of work and effort and a certain amount of love. Nothing crushes a player (or tribe) like losing their breeding stock, especially when they mind their own damn business and don’t screw with anyone else.

So, this rule is pretty simple. Breeding facility perimeter walls, gates and doors should be painted RED to signify “off limits”. Additionally, a LARGE sign should be placed outside all gates and periodically around the outside perimeter wall marking the location as a BREEDING FACILITY and should specifically contain those two words along with whatever else you wish.

If your breeding facility is attacked and tames killed, then please let me (or one of the admins) know. The issue will be corrected. Those involved with the attack will be punished as befitting the crime up to and including permanent banning.

We do recognize that mistakes happen. If an attack was (somehow) an innocent mistake, then that will be taken into consideration.

PLEASE READ: You may NOT use your breeding facility ALSO as your main base IF you are marked as [PvP]. The two must be separate and distinguishable from the air in some way. If you try using your breeding facility AS your main base AND you are marked as [PvP], then this entire section does not apply to you. [NoPvP] Tribes may maintain their breeding facility as their main base if they so choose.

Please make no mistake. This cluster is meant to be fun and inviting, it’s not run in any way like “Official” servers. You’re either an upstanding player that can demonstrate the better qualities of humanity (unlike official servers), or you can tuck your tail and go back to official servers or anywhere else but here. Period.

Raiding and PvP

Those of you who have been playing on our cluster might have noticed that Offline Raid Protection is no longer enabled. This is because we’re formalizing what is and is not acceptable behavior.

In general, though the servers are, indeed, PvP… We generally operate as if they were PvE servers.

As a result… To engage in PvP, you must first declare your tribe as PvP by adding a [PvP] tag at the beginning of your tribe name. Failure to do so will result in the assumption that your tribe is, in fact, [PvP] flagged.

Tribes and Solo Players

ALL Players MUST belong to a tribe. Period. Even if it’s only a tribe of one. If you aren’t part of a tribe, consider yourself not only PvP, but you will not have any protections, not even for your breeding facility. You’ve been warned.

Any tribe that does not wish to engage in PvP activities MUST add a “[NoPvP]” tag to their tribe name to identify them as PvE tribes/players. Actively engaging in PvP with anyone in a tribe with this tag may result in being banned unless you were simply defending yourself.

Additionally, any tribe with the [NoPvP] tag may not set ANY of their defenses at any location to target other players or tames. Doing so will result in bad things happening to you/your tribe.

Any tribe that wishes to engage in PvP activities should set a “[PvP]” tag in their tribe name.

Any tribes that decline/fail to add a [PvP] or [NoPvP] tag to their tribe name will automatically be assumed to be [PvP].

The Admin Tribe is [NoPvP].

Final Words

These rules are generally fluid and can change at any time. Please check here often for any updates or changes. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them.