My Wish Lists

As with anything technology, things always need upgrading and replacing! This page is to go over those components that I still need to upgrade or replace.

Since Amazon doesn’t have EVERYTHING (contrary to what Amazon would tell you), I have assembled the various components I need on this page.

Amazon DOES have most of what I still need though, so my Amazon Wish List can be found here and contains mostly upgrades I need for the streaming PC:

My Amazon Wishlist

Since the Joysticks I use are a pair of rather cheap Thrustmaster t16000m’s, and Amazon doesn’t carry them, I’m including them separately from that list. The joysticks I would like to obtain are from VIRPIL Controls.

VIRPIL Controls Joysticks:

  • 2x VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Bases ( €289.95 each) link
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Right ( €179.95 ) link
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Left ( €179.95 ) link
  • 2x VPC Desk Mount V2 ( €49.95 each ) link